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Well, maybe that is a bit mean. Like Like. I just have a short bit to finish of The Trouble with Flirting and still not sure how it shall end or how I even want it to! Off topic, but I see you are reading Second Impressions.

The trouble with flirting / Claire LaZebnik.

What do you think or are you going to post on that later? I loved Epic Fail so much! But did you put her with a reformed Henry? Enjoyed reading your thought process as you tackled this modernization of the original. I was immediately curious because as soon as I saw it was loosely based on Mansfield Park, I wondered how the prevailing morality of that novel translated to this day and age.

An ambitious endeavor, certainly — but I am absolutely intrigued and have put this on my reading list. I am far beyond my teen years as well; but the visceral memories of some of the antics and the angst, and growth, of those times never leave one, does it?

Maybe Fanny reminds me of myself. Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone and thanks again, Deb, for letting me come visit here! He needed to appreciate Fanny a little sooner. What is the biggest challenge of updating such classic works and do you think about doing it with other authors beyond Austen? Whoever writes fanfic about Elinor and Edward?

Few write fics about Marianne and Brandon. If you could translate this into a modern story, it would be challenging and remarkable indeed. June, I will seriously consider it! I do love the opening though, the way the half-brother and his wife manage to talk themselves out of being generous. It feels very real.

The biggest challenge is staying respectful to the original work while creating something that stands on its own. Jane Austen in Vermont.

The Trouble with Flirting

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. That project finished, I turned my attention to Mansfield Park. Vintage Classics. Claire LaZebnik. Like this: Like Loading Austen on the Block! Well, maybe that is a bit mean I have had that happen in real life and I am very relieved now!!

Good luck with your new book! Kim Like Like. Thanks Kim for stopping by! Deb Like Like. That story needs a modern update!

Interview: The Trouble With Flirting Author Claire LaZebnik – Movie Mom

Like Like. Sarah Emsley said:. July 29, at am. Hi Claire! It was such fun to read something that was simultaneously so familiar and so new.

Your treatment of the Edmund Bertram character was especially interesting. Are you planning to write novels inspired by the other Austen novels as well? I hope so. July 29, at pm. I have two other YA novels already out that are based on Austen. I love to reread Austen and think about how universal so much of her writing is—how even today we feel the same ways about our families and struggle in similar ways to find our place in the world. July 28, at pm. Thank you! Catholic Bibliophagist said:.

I think that the author is doing a marvelous job of translating Mansfield Park in such way that the characters can be true to themselves yet still be understood by and engage the sympathies of an average modern reader. Thanks very much for the link to Mrs. It must be so challenging to adapt a Jane Austen plot and put it in a contemporary setting.

MrsDarwin said:. Thank you, Catholic Bibliophagist!


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An easier link to follow is here:. The thrill of serialization — exciting! Thanks for the invitation. Ceri said:. Please let me know if you post a review, in case I miss it. So exciting to hear that Claire has a new book based on Emma coming out next year!

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Hobbie DeHoy said:. July 30, at pm. Looking forward to reading this one, and maybe seeing if my teen daughter might like it, too. Just wanted to say that Clueless is one of my favorite movies of all time and was my inspiration for trying my hand at updating Austen.

But I bow down before Heckerling and her mastery! Hobbie DeHoy, I really like the comparison with Clueless. August 2, at pm. I requested it from my PL and read it in a day.

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I loved it…. Franny Pearson is a great heroine!! Claire Are you going to give Northanger a try? She moved the main action to Scotland. I was very pleased with how she treated and wrote Catherine Morland 3rd or 4th on my heroine list! Sarah — Penderwicks moment — I was in a museum store the other day. A dad and daughter were looking at figurine angels.

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I nearly dropped the book I was holding. Lol, the dad was surprised that I was a fan. We discussed the long wait till the next book. I found a figurine that looked like Jane to me. Alas, my camera was not with me. August 3, at am. Maybe the new version of my essay in the MLA collection will succeed in persuading you.

Penderwicks moment! Thank you for telling me.